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About Us
At Empire Freight, we strive to make logistics easy and comfortable for each and every customer. We don’t believe any customer should have to sacrifice quality for a lower price when you can enjoy both.
And we do this by keeping our operations lean and efficient. All of our staff possess real-world experience so that our proposed solutions have minimal fail rates. More importantly, we try our best to provide you with as much information as possible, so that you are empowered to make a better decision.
‘Family’ is how we address our staff, where we inspire & nurture our future generations. Company pride just comes naturally when the bonds are there. We strongly believe that good ethics and profit can go hand-in-hand.




To be humble always and put ourselves in your shoes. We believe that listening and comprehending leads to better understanding of your needs.


To provide you with timely delivery, competitive pricing, and honest customer service.


Freight forwarding is simple and yet complex business. Simple in its objective to deliver goods from one place to another. Yet it is fraught with many complexities such as schedules, different country’s customs, paper work and so forth.
At Empire Freight, we absorb the complexities and make it simple for you. So that your goods get delivered in a timely, affordable and seamless fashion.

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